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Before scheduling your consultation or tests at our facility, it's important to have a valid referral from either your General Practitioner or a Specialist. A referral from a General Practitioner remains valid for 12 months, while a Specialist's referral is valid for 3 months. The duration of each appointment varies based on your specific needs, typically ranging from 15 minutes to an hour and a half.
Kindly ensure you have the following items with you when you come in for your appointment:

• Referral letter
• Medicare, Pension card, or DVA Card
• Membership card for Private Health Insurance
• A list of your current medications
• Relevant pathology reports, X-rays, or CT scans
Full payment is required on the day of your appointment for all patients. We offer credit/debit cards and EFTPOS (excluding American Express) payments. Please note that we do not accept personal cheques or cash. It's important to know that a portion of the fee can be claimed back through Medicare.

If you're receiving hospital care as a private patient, your Private Health Fund will cover the costs. We are part of the ‘No Gap’ scheme and directly bill the fund. However, depending on your coverage level, you might be required to pay an excess to the hospital upon admission. It's recommended to check with your health fund prior to admission to ensure that your coverage level is appropriate and that there are no exclusions related to cardiac care.
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